Top Trends in Men’s Swimwear

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Knowing the latest swimwear trends is important for men if they have to look trendy. Most men consider beachwear as an afterthought, but it is important to wear something which is in tune with the times to make an impression. If you are planning to go on a beach vacation, you will most likely face the dilemma of not knowing what exactly you should pack in your suitcase. 

Last year, the predominant trends may have been bold Speedo and pastel shades, but what is it that fashionistas are wearing this year? You can get yourself the trendiest swimwear for discounted rates with a Macy’s coupon. Here are some of the current swimwear trends in men’s fashion which can help you pick out the right stuff:

1.Military Look:

This look is inspired by the military and has been one of the leading trends year after year. The touch of military designs makes the swimwear look more rugged, manly, and therefore, appealing. For men with very thin legs, these military-styled shorts can be a great choice. The rich patterns help to provide the required bulk and width to your skinny legs, but you must ensure that the hems are not too wide. A slim cut may be the best choice and the length of the shorts should be ideally mid-thigh level.


These will work best when you see that patterns do not really look good on you. Wearing block colors in shorts continues to be a predominant trend in men’s swimwear fashion and you need to choose a shade that will suit you and complement your complexion; else you may end up looking hideous. It is best to avoid black when you buy swimwear because it never looks good in the sun and may not give you the protection you need. For those who want more vitamin D, burgundy, deep green or navy blue can work best. For the darker complexioned men, it is best to choose lime green, yellow shades, and cobalt blue.

3.White Stripes:

Nautical-inspired shorts are the white shorts that continue to dominate the men’s swimwear fashion, but this time the season’s maritime outfit appears to have undergone an upgrade. The swim shorts having bold vertical stripes are the most common as these can be easily paired with flip-flops and a basic shirt. Bold stripes make a mark under the sun and they are perfect when your body has been not exercised enough for the beach. When you are slim, you can opt for horizontal stripes to get the extra width, but if you are overweight, then vertical stripes make your body appear taller.


This is one of the biggest trends this year in men’s swimwear fashion and this coordinated attire comprises a short-sleeved shirt paired with swim shorts, both of the same print or same color. What you must remember when you choose this style is that since you are going to be wearing the same color all over, it should be one that complements your skin tone. When you are back from the beach you can always wear a shirt with chinos or use a white t-shirt to pair with shorts.

Floral Prints:

Flower power is unmistakable where men’s swimwear goes and floral prints are not only the predominant trend in women’s fashion wear but also in men’s swimwear. It is very easy to wear anything and look good when you have floral printed shorts. Floral shirts make for a great addition beneath a summer suit and you simply have to be prudent when it comes to choosing the size of the prints. A smaller frame demands small sized floral prints while a larger frame will need bigger prints and patterns. Tropical foliage and Hawaiian prints are the favorites when it comes to beachwear for men.

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