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Digital devices are a popular and helpful piece of tech and people are using it in every walk of life. The devices likewise cellphones, tablets, pads, laptops, and desktop computer devices are very important for everyone no time ever before. The digital devices like PCS, smartphones, and tablets have become widespread and you can see these devices in every business and non –business, governmental and private organizations because without these devices and the internet nothing is possible these days. Apart from the organizations, even these days’ educational institutes have computer labs for students where they can explore things related to their course. 

Furthermore, parents love to provide contemporary mobile phones and tablets for their safety and let them make phone calls to parents after finishing school. On the other hand, employers these days are desperately want to track employees on companies’ devices for business protection. 

Parents on the other side want to set parental control on children’s digital devices to make sure to protect them from digital nightmares. If you are one of those people who are looking forward to performing digital parenting or you are an employer to track employees’ activities simply use TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy Parental Control & Employee Monitoring Software

It is one of the best cell phone spy software and computer tracking app on the web since the last decade. You can use it as a parental monitoring app to protect kids and teens from digital nightmares such as bullying online, stalkers and sexual predators. Moreover, you can spy on kids’ live mobile phone and PC activities to and get to know about their browsing activities to prevent them from adult content. Besides, you can also get to know why children obsessed with social media apps and websites. 

On the other side, when you talk about surveillance on employees’ activities it will provide you every single activity employees have performed on digital devices that include smartphones, tablets and windows, and MAC laptop desktop devices. Besides, employers can get to know about the productivity, waste of time and further monitor fishy activities of employees on the company’s data stored in the device. Let’s get to know how you can get your hands on it and how to use a cellphone and computer tracking app.

How to get & install TheOneSpy to track employees & set parental control on kids? 

If you want to make sure the protection of your business and reports of employee’s activities regularly or you want to protect your kids from the online potential threats you need to get your hands on the phone & PC surveillance app. You can get your hands on it but you have to visit the official webpage of the PC and phone tracking software powered by TOS. All you need to do is to use your mobile or computer device to connect it with the cyberspace. 

Furthermore, visit the official webpage of TOS and get subscriptions online. After you have got the subscription get the credentials and further get access to the target mobile phone or computer. Start the process of installation and when you have done with it activate it on the target device. Use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you will get plenty of spying tools with the accordance of the subscription whether you have got for cell phone or computer surveillance. 

Cell phone monitoring software features 

Live screen recording 

You can record screen of target device in real –time with live screen recording software. Furthermore, you can record short videos of the screen and send to the web portal. You can see the videos by visiting the web portal. 

IM’s social media 

You can track social messaging apps and websites on target device and get the logs such as messages, conversations, audio video calls and voice messages. 

Call recording 

You can record live cellphone calls with secret call recording app and further you can save the data on the web. 

Computer tracking app features 

Website blocking 

You can block the websites on target laptop or desktop computer running with windows and MAC operating systems. You just need to put the URLs of the websites into filters. 

Live screen recording 

User can remotely record screen activities happen on the target windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices by making short videos of the screen remotely with live screen recorder software. 

MIC Bug or surround recording 

You can monitor and record surrounds on target windows and MAC devices by getting control over target device MIC using surround tracking app for PC. 


TheOneSpy is the best tool for the parents and for the employers to set parental control on kid’s device and to track employee’s activities within the working hours. Cellphone and PC surveillance app enable you to do surveillance on children and employees activities to the fullest. 


Melissa is a strong believer in utilizing technology at its best and writes articles for the very purpose of empowering people with the right technological tools available in the market. She is senior writes at Mobitechspy.


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