On Your Marks, Get Set, Print: 4 Poster-and-Sign Printing Ideas for Athletic Event

Poster-and-Sign Printing

Poster-and-Sign Printing: Are you planning to promote an upcoming athletic meet at your neighborhood high-school? This can even bring you some extra bucks if that’s what you want. In any case, opting for posters and sign printing can give you a perfect promotion. After all, it is a jovial norm that high school coaches, athletes, and – most of all – parents and even grandparents love to see their children and grandchildren showcased in action be it on the field or on the court.

Poster printing allows you to give your event a perfect promotion in the most attractive manner. Even signs allow you to do the same. While posters come in different sizes to be put up in suitable spots, signs come in different shapes like yard signs, window signs, sidewalk signs, and vehicle signs, etc. which enable you to utilize different areas of your neighborhood.

Here are 3 effective ideas to promote your high-school athletic meet using the poster and sign printing online:

Create a template:

Creating a template for the posters and signs is a great way to enhance their quality. Although there are many online poster printing services providers who have such templates suited to the subject matter, there are high chances that you may not be satisfied with them. Designing a template gives you satisfaction and even saves some extra bucks which come with opting for online templates. 

Consider adding logos, colors of the team and other specifics. For posters specifically, you can opt for an individual action shot while attaching a smaller team photo at one of the bottom corners. For signs, you can choose to add pictures of the location where the event will be held. Online custom sign printing allows you to print signs shaped in the form of arrows and other directing shapes that you can use to help your audience reach the location of the athletic meet.

Talk to coaches, photographers and parents:

A good way to add more to your sign and poster printing is by incorporating info about the meet and players. For this, you can talk to the coaches and school-hired photographers, and know about the athletes’ names, roster positions, and other related info. You can even talk to the parents and see if they have pictures that they cherish. You can add to your templates. Doing this will give them a better impression of you.

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Add with other printed items:

An effective way to have more profit is by attaching other print items like magnets, calendars, stickers, etc to your posters. This is effective because such items can be for daily uses and can be a great incentive for selling your posters.


Opting for online services, be it for poster or sign printing, allows you to add great finishes to your signs and posters. Consider adding gloss finishes to your posters to add a shine that enhances their looks. This will help you showcase the athletes in the grandeur that professional athletes carry on the bedroom walls of so many fans. For signs, you can have matte finishes which have a writeable surface. This quality you can use to involve the audience in the signs, for example, in a sign which shows a team, you can provide space for the fans to write down what they feel.

Opting for online printing of posters and signs enables you to improvise a lot on your visual ads without costing you much. Custom sign printing and poster printing come at affordable prices and fast turnarounds which them a great choice for your athletic meet promotion. What adds further is their large variety and high-quality. Keeping these 4 points in mind will not only help you promote the athletic meet better but also help you gain some bucks while making the audience happy and satisfied in their own sweet way.


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