How women can improve productivity by practising self-love

self love

Self-Love means completely accepting who you are as a person and loving that person, with the faults and the dark side. The person we are and the person we present to the world can be two different things. We often create an image for the world to see and only we know who we are in reality. It is about accepting our real selves, the one about whom only we know. That person who is afraid, hurt and may have done things that you are not proud of. You need to love that person, with the faults and cracks.

If you don’t love yourself, it will slowly impacts everything in your life. You won’t feel like talking to others or making any effort in a relationship. You will try to distance yourself and be ok with the loneliness initially. But loneliness can be very destructive as humans are meant to be social. We cannot survive alone andeven if we do it will be a miserableexistence.

If you are not happy in your life, it slowly impacts your work. You will remain constantly disturbed and depressed. Anxiety will sit like a weight on your chest and finally, it will impact your productivity. You may not be able to think clearly and your mind may be under tremendous pressure, so much so that errors in work will happen or you may just not feel up to it.

Self-Love is about self-learning for women. Women need to learn about themselves, understand themselves better and learn to let go. Women think a lot and although thistrait has its advantages it may not always be healthy. Especially if there are negative feelings involved. The more you dwell on something negative, the more will it eat at you and sit in your mind. So, it is important to let go, forgive and move on, only then can you enjoy life. Only then can you love others with all you have, and only then can you do your best professionally.

You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone because you are good as you are. Cracked or broken, you need to realise that you are worthy. Worthy of being loved by the world and most importantly by yourself. You need to stand up for yourself and be brave about it. Fight for yourself, your mental well -being. If something doesn’t feel right, say it out loud. But don’t keep quiet and stew in your anger and grief.

Look forward to good things in your life, events that give you happiness. This is a good form of motivation for women. I found that if I had things to look forward too, I focused on preparing for that and less on all shortcomings and my weaknesses.

All this is a part of self-love. Build your self-esteem, do some souls searching to find yourself and do it as many times as you need it. You will find that once you accept yourself and love yourself, you will start taking better care of yourself. Once that happens then other things like work, relationships, productivity will all fall in line. Because you personally feel fine your productivity will be better and you can create things or work more efficiently.

Mental health is important for a person to survive and excel. And self-love is a definite pathway to that.


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