How to take a screenshot on any version of Windows PC?

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Knowing how to take a screenshot on any version of windows PC or laptop is very important because it helps you in various situations. For instance, it assists you to present your project to others by using the screenshots images, when you don’t have an internet connection. 

First of all, the screenshot is nothing but an image (screen displayed on your desktop) captured by a computer or laptop. 

How to take a screenshot on any version of Windows PC?

No matter what version of Windows is your computer, because there are 2 common methods to take a screenshot on your PC for all versions of window operating system. They are:

  • By using print screen option
  • By using snipping tool option

How to take a screenshot using the print screen option?

This method is very simple and just hit the button named as Prnt Scrn or PrtScn, which is located on the right upper side corner of the keyboard of your computer or laptop keyboard.

After hitting either PrtScn or Prnt Scrn button, you need to paste in on any image editing applications such a word, paint or some other. And, paste the captured image by using ‘ctrl+V’ and save it in any format like png, jpeg or more. 

Extra tip:

You can also use Alt + (Prnt Scrn or PrtScn) to capture window screen.

How to take a screenshot using snipping tool?

Have you heard an option ‘snipping tool’ in here before? Well, this also helps you to capture your window screen.  By using print screen option, you can’t able to screenshot a specific part of the window screen. At such a case, snipping tool is very helpful for you to capture an image.

Where to get snipping tool?

Snipping tool is kind of an application program and it’s an inbuilt program of every version of Windows. Follow the below steps to get snipping tool option.

  • Click start menu
  • Search for snipping tool and click it
  • It shows a small window and pointer on the screen
  • Drag the cursor in the screen where you to take an image
  • Select the area that you want
  • Then release the cursor and save it in any format

These are the two methods to take a snapshot of your window screen. And, these methods work well with all versions of Window such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. But there is a difference between Windows XP, Vista and 7 to Windows 8 and 10. In Windows 8 and 10, you no need to save images using editors because it automatically saved to pictures library.


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