Fitbit Ace 2


Fitbit, a small startup that has a dream to change the fitness tracking industry becomes a company which revolutionaries the smartwatches in the world. Now it makes some of the world’s best smartwatches with an enormous number of functions and only a few other companies can provide the “Fitbit” level of experience.   

Mainly Fitbit is popular for its universal all age smartwatch cum fitness trackers. But when last year in 2018 it launched Ace series first-generation model; it clearly shows the company’s interest in manufacturing separate kids’ product. 

Fitbit Ace 2 is the successor of Fitbit Ace and comes with a lot of upgradation this time. So, is this product is best for making your child or young ones active and perfectly handle child fitness or it just an over-priced product by a popular company? Let’s find this out in the full review of Fitbit Ace 2 review.

Design and Build Quality

Ace 2 is completely different in terms of design when compared to its first-generation model. The primary build material is changed from metal to plastic showing it to be more kids oriented. Although the plastic gives a little bit of cheap feeling, it is soft and looks cute on kids. It weighs approx. 90 grams which are perfect. You can easily buy electronic items online using Lenovo coupons.

The durability and protection are increased this time, Ace 2 has the swim-proof technology better than shower-proof that was in the first-gen model. So, there is no need to take it out while swimming or doing water activities.

Earlier it was 8+ but Fitbit decreases the age range to 6+ in Ace 2 showing it more kids concerned. The strap is detachable which gives independence for further modification in future. 

Ace 2 reduces the normal number of physical buttons that are on a smartwatch. It has a single power button which controls the device on and off mode and a touch screen for rest of its function. Fitbit has provided monochrome OLED touchscreen for a premium interface experience. The OLED makes the sensitivity and screen interface smoother.

The display shows multiple things such as date, time, activity time, sleep duration, total steps and an enormous number of tasks such as alarms, timers, goals can be modified and set from it. There are many animations and transitions which is displayed along with activities to give a kiddie look and can be altered through the Fitbit App.


Performance wise Fitbit Ace 2 is better than its predecessor. You have got a lot of options to select clock faces, timer, stopwatch, bedtime reminder, a reminder to move and more. Footsteps are shown directly below the time, so you don’t always need to swipe or tap to see the data. As mentioned, OLED really helps in providing a smooth experience and the optimized system and software make the device faster than the 2018 Ace.

Its sensor like the 3-axis accelerometer and motor performs well in giving you the notifications and alert. The most appreciable thing of Ace 2 is it stores detailed week activity data minute by minute and a summarized month data which can be seen at any time on the app. 

 The reminder to move is good feature given in Ace 2 to make those kids active and healthy who spend a lot of time on pc or mobile. The sleep tracking works brilliantly and shows the data of deep sleep and sleep hours. 

Children who have smartphones can use the option Call alert to get the notifications of call and messages on the watch.

The Battery life 

Ace 2 consists of a single Lithium-ion battery and in more optimized form than previous which makes it stand for continuous five-day use.  Ace 2 battery life also depends on the factors like animation and transitions which may reduce it by a few hours. 

Price and Availability

Fitbit Ace 2 is available in 2 colors Night sky with neon yellow, watermelon with teal which is basically blue and pink. The company says few more variant like black, purple will be available after a few weeks. Seeing the sales of its first-generation model, Fitbit has reduced its price this time. 

Fitbit Ace 2 cost $69.95. It was launched in mid-June and the first sale will start in the US and probably the UK also. It is easily available on the official website and on Amazon with some offers.


Fitbit Ace 2 is a perfect product consisting of all the latest tech specifications which makes it stand apart and preferable than its competitors. It has an OLED screen with touch feature which will surely be enjoyed by kids. Parental control and App modification give parents the whole control overactivity and tracking data. It is slightly costlier considering its age range, usage. But still, Fitbit Ace 2 is the only device that can track every single bit of activity without an error. If you are searching for that premium quality of fitness tracker which will make sure your kids and young ones are as active and healthy as possible then just go for Fitbit Ace 2 this season.


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