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Wellness and nutrition are the two sides of the same coin, and it goes true for men and women both. The food and the drink choices that you make now is directly proportionate to your health now and later. Mainly when it concerns women’s health and wellness, food choices plays a significant role in the health of any women, as it affects everything that is particular to a women – menstruation, menopause, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and even certain types of cancers that are typically affects women only. Read more: Nutritional Value of Mango 

In order to know certain facts about the nutritional needs and women’s wellness, we need to know –

What healthy eating for women is all about?

As per Best Dietitian in India healthy eating is all about the way of eating that positively impacts our health and prevents us from diseases. It means choosing different foods from all the food groups – fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains and proteins. It is not all, healthy eating also stands for avoiding to eat unhealthy foods like sugar laden desserts, sodium, saturated and trans fats. 

At the same time the aim of healthy eating is to get all the necessary nutrients required for healthy living from foods and not supplements or artificial food sources. Though, in the case of women, they might need to have certain supplements and vitamins externally apart from food to meet the requirements for certain causes, like pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

A well balanced and healthy diet consists of varieties in the food segment and that which meets their requirements for vitamins, minerals and energy. Many a times healthy eating can be affected by certain reasons that are out of human control, but by focusing on the choices available can make a healthier transition easily. 

What are the uniqueness of a women’s nutrition?

All women have unique nutritional needs along with the need of more minerals and vitamins and especially under certain conditions like that of menopause or during pregnancy.

  • Calories: In general, women need lesser calories as compared to men and all because they have lesser muscle mass, are smaller and have more of fat. But women who are engaged in more of physical activities would require more calories. It is good to get consulted and find out how many calories do you actually need and it will be based on your height, weight and levels of activity you are engaged into. 
  • Minerals and Vitamins: out of many, calcium, iron and folic acid are the most important for women.
  • Health Problems in Women: Women have been found more prone to health issues that are related to nutrition like the celiac disease, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and non-iron anemia. 
  • Reproductive health of Women: It is something that is typical to women only. They have different nutritional needs for such instances like pregnancy or after menopause. 
  • Metabolism in Women: The system of women processes certain items differently than it is in men. Moreover, women burns lesser calories while exercising and also sleeping than men do.

It is also a truth that the nutritional needs of a women is different from that of men at different stages of their life. All these different stages have been categorised below:

  • During Puberty: needs more calcium, iron and vitamin D.
  • During adulthood: till the age of 25 women needs more calories and after that the need for calorie come down.
  • Beginning and during pregnancy: needs more of protein, calcium, iron and folic acid.
  • During the breastfeeding stage: more of water, fruits and vegetables.

After menopause: it is quite a critical stage as during this stage the chances of chronic diseases like heart diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke and certain forms of cancer heightens. It is why the need for calcium and vitamin D increases.


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