Do you know these Differences between Private and State Adoption?

Do you know these Differences between Private and State Adoption?

Do you know these Differences between Private and State Adoption?

There are people in this world who are deprived of the blessing of a child. Many reasons stop the couple from having a baby. They invest in many remedies; some couples achieve their goal but others have to make a final decision of adoption. There are mainly two choices through which you can adopt.

Independent Adoption Lawyers explains Private Adoption:

Although both of the adoptions are through agencies according to Independent Adoption Lawyers but in private agencies are the ones which have a license from the government. There are certain steps of the adoption process that the person has to follow;

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Finding a facilitator.
  3. Choosing a lawyer.
  4. Completing the home study.
  5. Filing the Petition.
  6. Attend the hearings.
  7. The child is yours.

How do people adopt through State?

When couples want to adopt a child in Georgia; they go to the state agencies or foster care system. These are houses which are operated by couples who have an obligation to take care of the children until they are been adopted. 

Main Reasons to Adopt:

There are several reasons for couples to choose adoption. The decision of adopting is very personal and emotional so the reasons behind it are also a private matter. Below are the main reasons to adopt a child;

  1. The woman has pregnancy complications.
  2. Prevent genetic disorders to transform into a child.
  3. Same-sex couples can’t have babies.
  4. Provide a caring home to the child.
  5. Helping women with an unwanted pregnancy.
  6. Aiding family members and friends.
  7. Adopting for social and religious reasons.
  8. A single person wants to begin a new life with a child.

Differences between Private and State Adoption:

Many people are of the view that private agencies are the same as state ones because their job is alike. It is true that both of them have the task of helping couples and individuals in adopting but private agencies like Tom Tebeau and the state agencies are very much different from each other in many ways. 

Time Taken in Process:

When you apply for adoption through a private agency; it usually takes 1 to 12 months to complete the process. It is not necessary that this much time is spent as the period differs from one case to another. You have to be prepared for situations in which the time may increase because of various circumstances.

The time span of state adoption is longer than private ones. It can take from 1 to 5 years. The children in foster care have to wait a long time to be adopted because of several reasons that will be discussed further. But one thing is for sure that the foster care takes longer than private adoption.

Termination of Parental Rights:

The rights of the parents are terminated in both adoptions but the situations are totally diversified. In the private adoption, the birth parents and especially the mother involuntarily gives up the rights; so that the child can have a better life. 

In-state adoption, the court takes away the rights from a mother for a specific period of time. This is done because of neglect, illegal activities or misconduct on part of the parent. When the parent has been cleared from the accusation then the child is sent back. The child is put under foster care when there is no relative to take care of him/ her.

The Expenses Differ:

People preferably choose to adopt a child through state agencies because it is cheaper than private ones. The state agencies are funded by the government so the expenses are very little. The amount that the families have to pay is very low which includes the home study and other minor ones. 

Private agency adoptions are for rich people who have a lot of money and want to give a good life to the child. The couples or individuals who want to adopt have to bear all the cost by themselves. 

The Age Limit of the Child:

The adoptive parents in private adoption have to wait at least 6 to 12 months to adopt the child. This is because the birth mothers have to deliver the child and the paperwork can take approximately a year to complete. During this time the mother will give birth to the child and give up her rights as a parent. 

As the court can take away the child from the mother under any circumstances so the age of the child can limit from a new-born child to 17 years. But the majority of people want to adopt new-born only. 

Ultimate Goal:

The ultimate goal of foster care is to reunite the child with the mother; so it is less likely that the children are adopted when it comes to state adoption. This makes it really uncertain whether the child will be available for adoption of not.

But according to Independent Adoption Lawyers, the mother either voluntarily or involuntarily denounces her rights to the child so the chances for adoption are much higher when you want to adopt through a private agency.


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