How Newbie Brands can add Appeal to their Custom Lash Boxes?

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If you are new in the lash extension manufacturing and supplying business, it might seem quite puzzling and struggling to beat the competition. With so many brands and an array of extension product options available to the customers, it is hard to earn a distinctive market and brand position. However, your product packaging can turn out to be a competitive advantage for your business. If you have the latest lash extension products that you are looking to pitch to salons and individuals, focus on making your packaging appealing and attention-grabbing for the target audience. Even if you have a limited budget, there are ways to add glam to your lash boxes. You can create inkling for your brand and products by being unique and compelling with your product packaging. Shoppers feel inclined into knowing about businesses and products that are intriguing. Here are some tips that you can effectively utilize to make your packaging worth noticing and remembering for the potential buyers!

Glamorous Custom Lash Packaging  

With a distinctive and glamorous packaging layout, you will be able to pique the interest of buyers in your lash extensions. Based on the kind of lash extensions you have, get product boxes designed differently for each with creative artwork. You can have distinguishing names for your lash extensions to make them catchy for the onlookers. Use artsy images, interesting fonts and other details on your custom lash boxes to pique the interest of potential shoppers. Have a look at the creative and trendy product packaging ideas and take inspiration from the designs that are relevant to your product. You can involve your printers’ graphics team to provide you an appealing packaging template for your product. Make changes and improve the design ideas to something inspiring and amazing. 

Window Lash Boxes 

Having window packaging for your lash products will allow the potential buyers to quickly overview the lash extensions. This will make it easier for them to select extensions according to their preferred requirements. Window boxes are laudable for product display and these significantly help in enhancing the visibility and features of an item boosting customer engagement and sales. 

You can have custom printed lash boxes with window for your products to make them worth checking out for the shoppers. The boxes will also make it convenient for the delivery staff to ship lash extensions to salons and customers. Make sure that the quality of your window packaging is good enough to protect the packaged item from getting affected by moisture, shock, and heat. 

Interesting Custom Lash Packaging 

If you want to create hype for your lash extensions and want shoppers to like your products, think out of the box ideas to add an interesting touch to your packaging. You can use interactive, pictorial, invigorating, engaging artwork and celebrity/movie inspired themes to add an entrancing appeal to your lash boxes. 

You can make your brand an instant hit by making your product packaging attractive and hard to ignore. Make sure that you incorporate your brand and products’ features explicitly in the packaging idea. The customers should be able to relate to what you are selling to them. Be creative with your signature packaging and utilize it to build a notable brand name as it will go a long way in winning your customers’ hearts and minds. 


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