11 Best places to visit in Dubai


Dubai is one of the best holiday destinations when it comes to luxury, infrastructure and amazing sceneries. Situated in the UAE, Dubai hosts millions of tourists every year. 

Some of the most amazing men made marvels are also there. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, Man-made island-like Palm Jumeirah and the world is also situated in Dubai. You get to see awesome roads with even more awesome cars.

Even police here drive bugatti and other exotic cars. So when visiting Dubai there are certain places that wouldn’t want to miss. Places that have an extraordinary presence and would make your trip that much more memorable. There are some things you should avoid when visiting other countries so keep those in mind.

In this article, we are taking a look at some of the places you must see when you are visiting Dubai. So let’s get started.

11 Must-Visit Places When you are in Dubai

Dubai Mall 

Dubai mall is the second largest mall in the world and largest mall in UAE and in that region. It has over 3,800,000 sq ft area and it is a very vast complex. 

Mall caters to over 90 million visitors per year and it has been increasing every year. This mall has 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens plus 120 restaurants and diners. There are many things notable attraction when visiting the Dubai Mall.

You should also visit underwater aquarium and zoo, rainforest cafe, multiplex, kidzenia and much more. 

Location: It is 14 km away from Dubai International Airport. 

Burj Aj Arab

Burj Al Arab is the iconic and luxury hotel situated on the coast in Dubai. It is among the tallest hotels in the world. The hotel is shaped in an iconic ship sail which makes it very distinguish. 

There are 202 bedroom suits and restaurants and other awesome places.

Sometimes Burj Al Arab is also called the only seven star hotel in the world. One night will cost you somewhere around $1500-$2000. 

It is the experience of a lifetime and one should try this once in a lifetime. From the reviews and ratings online you can feel that Burj Al Arab is all about customer satisfaction. 

Location: It is 26 Km away from International Airport and 16km away from downtown

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of those landmarks which should be a must-do thing when visiting anywhere. As we all know Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.

Burj Khalifa has residential flats, business offices, restaurants, suites, hotels, cinema halls, conference rooms, sky lobby and much more.

It is a man-made marvel and should be appreciated when you visit Dubai. 

Location: It is located in the downtown area, it is 14 KM away from Dubai International Airport. 

Jumeirah Beach 

Jumeirah beach is located in Jumeirah district and located on the Persian Gulf. It is also near the Palm Jumeirah. 

Beach is very clean and attracts thousands of tourists every month. Burj al Arab, wild wadi water park and Jumeirah beach hotels are located on the beach. Must visit if you want to cool off when visiting Dubai. 

Location: 19.5 Km from Dubai International Airport and 8.7 KM away from Downtown

Jumeirah Mosque

If you want to experience something spiritual and peaceful, one should visit Jumeirah Mosque. 

Jumeirah mosque was built in 1976 and it has been the symbol of open doors and open minds. 

Location: 8 KM away from Downtown and 13 km away from the International airport. 

Ski Dubai 

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski park located in the Mall of the Emirates. You can ski any day of the year and it has a covered area of 22,500 square meters.

The Temperature inside the park is always maintained between -1 to 2 degrees which is very impressive given the massive area. 

You can build a snowman, skiing and there are also penguins which you can play with. Must go place if you haven’t done skiing or experienced snow. 

Location – 15 KM away from Downtown and 26 KM from Dubai Airport.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert attracts thousands of people every year. They have shot tv shows, movies and much more. 

You can also do so much there and it is one of those experiences you can’t miss. If you are into adventure sports then you would love it here.
Taking the sand dune with 4X4 car, quad biking and sandboarding are some of the most popular events you can participate in. 

Location – 14.5 KM from Downtown Dubai and 25 KM from Dubai International Airport. 

ubai and 25 KM from Dubai International Airport. 

Dubai Miracle Garden 

It is a flower garden located in Dubailand, Dubai. There area a floral castle, the floral clock, ponds, plane covered in flowers. It is one of the very pretty places to visit, especially if you are looking for something romantic. There is also a butterfly garden with over 15000 butterflies from 25 species. 

One thing to keep in mind that Miracle Garden is closed from May to September. 

Location – It is 21 KM from Downtown Dubai and 34 KM from Dubai Airport. 

Dolphin Bay

Atlantis the Palm – Dolphin bay is one of the most exotic locations in Dubai. If you are crazy about sea life then you would love it. 

Here you can swim with dolphins and play with them. 

You can take your kids there as well and the dolphins are friendly. 

Location – Located on The Palm, dolphin bay is 27 KM away from Downtown Dubai and 38 Km from the Airport. 

Mall of Emirates

If you are a mall going person then you would enjoy Mall of Emirates. It has over 630 retail stores, more than 100 restaurants, and many luxury and flagship stores. It is one of the most visited mall in Dubai. 

This mall also has the famous ski dubai is also located here. 

Location – 15 KM away from Downtown and 26 KM from Dubai Airport.

Wild Wadi waterpark 

Wild Wadi is an outdoor water park in Dubai. It is located on the Jumeirah, next to Burj Al Arab. It is one of those fun places you should visit when you are in Dubai. 

There are many rides and awesome activities you can do with friends and family. 

Location: 26 KM from Dubai Airport and 16.1 KM from Downtown Dubai 

So here you have it, some of the most awesome and must visit places in Dubai. Did we forgot to mention something or did we miss something? There are other activities like bungee jumping and base jumping from Burj Khalifa and you can also do Sandboarding and other adventure activities. 

Always remember to follow the law and do not litter.

Do let us know in the comment section below. 


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